Apex Group takes pride in the customer relationships it has nurtured over the years.

Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC)

The APMC Yard is the largest market of agri produce in the state. Apex Group supplies to some of the finest traders in the yard who in turn supply their end-customers.


The Apex Group quality has passed the stringent standards of the global leader in retail. Their Bangalore store sources wheat products from us.


A large part of the global FMCG giant’s Chakki Atta requirement for South Indian markets comes from Apex Group’ mills.


When you buy whole wheat from Easy Day branded stores under the brand name of ‘Great Value’, you buy wheat that comes from Apex Group mills.


Maggi is an iconic Nestlé brand of ready-to-cook noodles. Apex Group supplies maida for their plant near Mysore, India.

Boutique Bakers

With the trend of home baking catching on in India, Apex Group has specific products that are suited to the niche baking needs of boutique bakers like Atta Galatta in Bangalore.