The three-decade long journey of Apex Group journey has seen a common, consistent goal: to produce the finest quality of processed wheat, in its many forms.

Apex Group today is a leading player in the processed wheat creating products for end-consumers in the form of atta, maida, sooji, wheatgerm and bran. We operate three processing units that have a combined capacity of over 700 tons per day. The consistent and relentless focus on quality excellence has enabled us to become suppliers to leading brands and distributors. Our technology partnerships with vendors who are best-in-class enable us to produce superior quality of finished wheat products.


  • The journey begins with a small stake acquired in a flour mill in Coimbatore

  • The flour mill is wholly acquired by Apex Group

  • Nandi Roller Flour Mills begins operations in Mysore with a capacity of 120 tons per day

  • Apex Group begins operations in Bangalore with a capacity of 100 tons per day

  • Signed with Buhler for modernization and enhancement of facilities to scale up to 175 tons per day

  • Initiated operations of a new unit focused on whole wheat flour with a capacity of 165 tons per day along with a state of the art flour milling plant

Flour Milling Units

The Apex Group operates three world class flour milling units.

Vivek Agro Foods

Capacity 500 tons per day
Products handled Maida, Sooji, Whole Wheat Flour, Bran, Wheatgerm
Location Bangalore
No. of years of operation Established 2001

Apex Roller Flour Mills

Capacity 90 tons per day
Products handled Maida, Sooji, Bran, Wheatgerm
Location Coimbatore
No. of years of operation Established 1977

Nandi Roller Flour Mills

Capacity 120 tons per day
Products handled Maida, Sooji, Bran, Wheatgerm
Location Mysore
No. of years of operation Established 1988


Apex Group’s greatest asset is the family that runs it. While we are a traditional family run business, we embrace tomorrow’s technology and processes to enable us to deliver superior quality of products. The team consists of the best in the industry, a set of dedicated, hard-working, skilled and experienced individuals with exposure to global best practices.


Apex Group is committed to investment in superior technology to ensure that the wheat products that leave our facilities are of the highest possible quality. To this end we have tied up with the world leaders in their respective fields, from processing equipment manufacturers to research companies.

Our commitment to quality comes alive in the following three forms

  • Best-in-class equipment
  • Quality checks via a slew of tests conducted in our in-house laboratories
  • Constant quest for improvement via R&D

It is not common for an Indian flour miller to invest in wholly owned and full-fledged R&D laboratories, but it is this forward-looking vision that sets Apex Group apart. With five operational labs, 3 in Bangalore, 1 in Mysore and 1 in Coimbatore, every production facility can access a lab to ensure the highest quality of product. Qualified bakers are at hand to test the products on a real-time basis for all bakery related solutions. Not only are the labs used to check for quality, their goal is also to focus on product innovation, to bring out better qualities of processed wheat that delights customers across categories.


What sets Apex Group apart from the competition are three key elements.

  • Superior Wheat: At Apex Group, we take wheat procurement very seriously. The one-size-fits-all approach simply does not work, and that is why we procure different kinds of wheat for the different product lines we manufacture. Our unshakeable principle has always been: “Ensure we procure most suitable kind of wheat for the needs of the customer”. At the heart of this success is the high quality of suppliers with whom we have forged strong relationships over the years.
  • Superior People: Our facilities and laboratories have some of the finest food processing technologists you will find. We take care to select the best qualified technical workforce that not only is well trained for the job, but nurtures a passion for what they do.
  • Willingness to Listen: We believe that we know about wheat. But that also means that we listen very closely when customers talk to us about their experience. Our after sales follow-up and feedback mechanism ensures that laboratories and production facilities take into account customer conversation.